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Connecting jCaldav Joomla Component to DAViCal Server
Last edited on: 09/04/2010 - 23:05

This tutorial shows how to connect my Joomla! jCaldav component to a DAViCal server. The DAViCal server was already running on my local machine; a tutorial to achieve this is at openSUSE-11-2-DAViCal-Installation. It is therefore assumed you have access to working DAViCal and Joomla! setups and, if you want to perform my test in the middle of this tutorial with the Chandler client, you will need that too.

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Lightbox and Joomla 1.5
Last edited on: 01/02/2010 - 16:23

Lightbox is a suite of Javascript code snippets used to overlay images on a web page. It enables a user to click on an image on a web page, and that image will be overlayed usually providing a zoomed version of the same image. The Lightbox product is used on some of my websites and clicking on a screen image will produce rather a nice piece of animation to zoom into the picture.

Now here's the issue. Straight out of the box, Lightbox will not work with Joomla. However, by following the steps identified below, the two systems can be set to coexist.

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