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Building a MythTV HTPC - Bill of Materials
Last edited on: 18/04/2014 - 09:10

It would not be correct to say that money was no object with my MythTV HTPC build, but I did want something special, something I would be proud of, and a HTPC that performed well as well as looking good. Therefore keeping costs down wasn't my primary objective. I bided my time and got the most important part - the chassis - mint in box off eBay after waiting for the correct one to turn up. The hardware was selected to be good enough to do a job whilst having headroom to spare and to have all the functionality I will need for the foreseeable future.

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Building a MythTV HTPC - Motherboard + CPU + RAM
Last edited on: 01/04/2014 - 19:43

I elected to go for a motherboard and CPU combination that would balance performance against budget and provide all the functionality I need for the MythTV HTPC build. Having scoured around the Internet and read numerous reviews, the best I came across was the ASRock H77M board combined with an Intel i3-3225 3.30GHz Ivy Bridge CPU

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Building a MythTV HTPC - Requirements
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I had a germination of the idea of an all conquering HTPC build almost 18 months ago. I moved into my new apartment and had a Sky satellite dish installed on the roof, but being such a visionary (guffaw), I ensured that the dish had a quad LNB - this would support a maximum of two Sky+ boxes (each capable of recording two channels simultaneously). However, I had an idea - how about a Sky+ box and dual tuner Freesat? This would provide HD and all the Freeview channels (should I ultimately dump Sky) and I could connect via a Freesat tuner card in an HTPC.

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